Gottschallinger Straße 88, 4030 Linz, Österreich

white object gmbh


credo | motto| principle | maxim | axiom | rule

… for a few years now, we have maintained our projects at a consistent level. nevertheless we discover and develop innovative new products and work with our network of distributors to offer these exciting products to new markets …

… although our core business activity is the online playground- including social media- we are constantly looking out for great offline ideas to help to realize them …

philipp berger, msc




 he maintains and nutures our partners to ensure a longterm and healthy relationship



mag. peter jungmair, mba




he is the first point of contact for our potential innovation partners. he makes the introductions and looks into the market potential.



sebastian arnezeder



 he searches the marketplace for new unique inventions to develop. he does this through an exclusive online community of inovation seekers.